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Viewing Trips Costa Blanca
We can arrange the hotel, food, a guided tour of the right style of property in your chosen area.

For many the opportunity to get a place in the sun can be a lifelong dream, but how are you going to make it reality?

You could arrange it yourself, a strange area and complicated process. You may know a little bit about the area or a friend of a friend has said they can help. You could try a number of estate agents and put up with some very debatable sales tactics, viewing property you can’t afford.

Neither options sound fun, and this is not the easiest way to go about it.

Remember here in Spain, The Estate Agent may not have the expertise or experience you are accustomed to. We are experienced, professional, respectable, and have ethics regarding our customer service – We will explain clearly everything to you – Just ask. We are professional property advisers; we have independent lawyers, accountants and gestorias available to advise you about everything. Buying Selling and Renting, we do it all. (Established over 15 years in Spain with over 20 years experience here on the Costa Blanca) We know what we are doing, and we want to share this with you.

To find the perfect place, you need to view properties in your budget, in the right style and location. Then sit and think about it for a while. No sales talk, just time to take it all in.

That is what we do with our Viewing Trips. We ask you what you want and we supply it.

We can arrange the hotel, food, a guided tour of the right style of property in your chosen area and at the price you set. Then we give you space to take it in.

We never apply pressure, it’s not our way.
What does it cost and what’s included?
These are the first questions and easy answers:

This can cost as much as you want. Sorry we do not pay your hotel bill or your flights in advance.

What we do offer is; should we find the property you want to buy and you decide to buy using our services. We will offer to pay your hotel bill and flights, within reason, and proof of your costs.

Simple as that – We cannot be fairerSoWhen do you want to arrange a viewing trip?

Contact us and we will arrange everything: Hotel accommodation, transfer and transport around the area here in Spain. We will meet you at the airport, and return you to the airport during your inspection visit.

We have exclusive company discounts with all the local hotels, booking in advance is required. Do you want us to arrange transfer flights from your local airport?

Take a look at what happens on a Viewing Trip itinerary to find out what to expect.

How do our viewing trips work?

Normally 1 – 3 days

Step 1
Contact us today. Use our contact area or fill in the form bellow and our friendly staff will contact you as soon as possible to arrange your viewing trip to the Costa Blanca.

Step 2
Once your viewing trip is all organised and you are heading to your airport. One of our staff members will be waiting for you at the arrivals area here in Spain to collect you.

Step 3
Check you into your accommodation.

Step 4 – Day one
You will have one to one service, we pick you up around 10.30 am or if you want a later or earlier start, we work around you. Show you around properties you have selected and match your criteria that are on or under your budget.

We do not see the point in showing your properties you do not want to see or do not match your criteria or budget.

During this time you will have a friendly and relaxed tour of the area, showing you the areas we cover and all the local attractions & hotspots. Not forgetting the beautiful golden beaches. Finally, returning you to your accommodation allowing you to enjoy the local lifestyle here in on the Costa Blanca.

Step 5 – Days two & three
We have met, now we all have a clearer and better understanding what you want, we can show you more properties that will appeal to you, in the same structure, or we can introduce you to our professional independent colleagues, lawyers, bankers, notaries. They can explain in more detail what you may have to do.

Step 6 – Finally
Your decision – Do you want to buy now? Do you need more time to think about it? You have more questions?

No problem we will be beside you, whatever you decide. One of our staff will return you to the airport for your return flight. This is the starting line to our relationship similar to those we have met and helped over 20 years ago. Just ask us and we will provide you with real client testimonials.

After all, when you have spent time with our company you are our next client testimonial.

We look forward to meeting you.

Let us market and sell your property for sale

No SALE - No Fee - Non exclusive contract

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No Sale - No Fee

All we need is your contact information, or send a whatsapp message and we will be in touch with you, very soon!

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How do we get in touch with you?