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Passive House / Passivhaus Costa Blanca
Design & construct a passive houses in Murcia or Alicante Costa Blanca.
Your bespoke modern style with Passive House Quality
Passivhaus unique bespoke design
Actual project 2017 combining residential home living with work space. Work from Home.
Bespoke modern style with Passive House Quality

Passive House / Passivhaus Interior design and Process

We can introduce you to specialist architects, a specialist to help realize your dream property in Spain. One of the global concepts of architecture, is to consider good functioning as important as the aesthetics. We present this to you, similar to all our previous projects, from the smallest to the largest, interior design, or decoration, the application of different materials, lighting for one will assist to create bespoke personalized spaces, with their own character. Passive House design Passive house Passivhaus Architects and Designers will also offer you advice regarding decoration and interior design of spaces, for residential, commercial, or administrative use. The work process is focused with you, a close personal collaboration, showing you materials, applications, and visualizing the proposals in 3D: using virtual reality glasses, 3D printing models, renderings, virtual tours or 360º visions. This is a unique experience and designed with you on a one to one basis. The property design, finishings will be unique, bespoke and fitted exclusivley for you.

What is the Passive House / Passivhaus standard?

The Passivhaus is a style of construction designed in Germany during the year 1991 that has spread to the rest of the world, from the most severe climates cold or heat. There are many various uses: housing, hospitality, trade, services, health, administration Combining high interior comfort with very low energy consumption and an affordable price, thanks to the maximum care of the elements in contact with the outside of the building (walls of facades and windows) and a controlled ventilation system.

Advantages of Passive House / Passivhaus

  1. Reduction of energy demand of up to 90% compared to conventional buildings.
  2. Quality of life for the user thanks to the great unbeatable inner comfort and conditions  (ie: the dispersion of excess humidity, dryness, molds, mites, pollen etc.)
  3. Less CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

From a technical point of view, the Passive House / Passivhaus has 5 principles:

1. Thermal insulation

Good insulation of the envelope is beneficial in both winter and summer. The exterior walls, roof and floor must have a low thermal transmittance. Depending on the climate, the thickness of the thermal insulation must be optimized according to the cost and the improvement of energy efficiency.

2. Quality carpentry

The gaps are the “weak point” of the property, so their design and placement are important. The carpentry used in Passive House / Passivhaus, have the appropriate behavior according to the climate. The characteristics studied are: low thermal impact solar control depending on the climate, thermal bridge protection, suitable spacers, suitable glass and air layers, etc.

3. Hermetic envelope

Infiltration air currents cause discomfort, ( A draft ) can lead to condensation and the appearance of mold. These infiltration’s are usually located in windows, gaps or cracks. In a Passive House / Passivhaus building, the property is as airtight as possible, achieving undoubted thermal comfort inside and a high efficiency of the mechanical ventilation system.

4. Elimination of Thermal Bridges

Power transmission also occurs in the corners or joints. At these points, unwanted losses or gains occur and surface temperatures in those areas are usually lower than in the rest of the property, which can cause mold. Thermal bridges can be avoided through the optimal design and construction.

5. Ventilation system with heat recovery

The amount of energy needed to condition the spaces is so small that we could cover it with a small contribution of energy incorporated within the system; both for cold (in warm climates) or for heat (in cold climates), without the need for a conventional air conditioning system, and as a result, you will have great economic savings.

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