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Marble Granite Stone
Your design traditional handcrafted bespoke artisan
Granite Marble
Big projects Hotels, Bars, Restaurants Bespoke design. Experienced handcrafted stone mason
Onyx Natural Stone Mason
Spectacular lighting can be produced with natural stone
Marble Granite Stone Masons Murcia Alicante
Traditional Handcrafted Bespoke Designs

Marble Granite Stone Masons

Mármoles Pedro Lifante established 1990, the traditional stone mason based here on the Costa Blanca, Handcrafting stone, for local and international clients alike. Let us introduce you to a master at work, from the small kitchen project to the large bespoke restaurant hotel reception, even your luxury yacht, designing and manufacturing they have experience with it all. We can export products and complete projects anywhere in the world.

marble granite masons Murcia Alicante
Their work is not a chore but a delight from start to finish you can feel and see the quality immediately.

Countertops kitchens and bathrooms

marble granite kitchen worktops

Mármoles Pedro Lifante use a wide range of materials, both Natural Stone and Synthesized Stone, with these you can make the most exclusive designs for kitchens and bathrooms. Arrange a day to visit their work shop and we can show you some of their current works in progress and later visit some bars and restaurants where you can see their finished artwork – Unique from start to finish – Priceless Quality

Walls and Facades

marble granite wall facades

Combining experience, craftsmanship and creativity, offer excellent results. Over the years, the coatings of walls and facades in Natural Stone and Synthetic Stone are being refurbished and replaced. Have you ever wondered who did this? Let us introduce you to the Master Stone Mason, who has the skill and experience. Keeping the historical heritage in sight at all times.

Back lighting

granite marble masons Alicante Murcia

With passion and energy for doing things well leads them to develop the most exclusive decorations, backlighting natural stones that are crystal clear and unique like the Onyx, capturing the chromatic richness of Natural Stone. Modern but traditional, unique and comforting style, natural stones can produce spectacular designs that can be designed for your home, garden, workplace, hotel, restaurant even your yacht – The design is unique for you

Interior and Exterior

granite marble masons Alicante Murcia

The Natural Stone can produce different finishes; aged, honed, bush hammered, flamed and natural, for all places exterior and interior. Creating unique decorations and designs, always taking into account the weight as the visible treatment of the pieces. Artistic, artisan experienced hand made to order, you cannot beat tradition with natural materials.

Decoration and Customized work

granite marble masons Alicante Murcia

Mármoles Pedro Lifante arrives where ingenuity reaches to the most exquisite desires of their clients embodied in Natural Stone. Let us introduce you to their team of artisan technicians who will make your designs come true with the measure, quality and materials you want.


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