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Architectural Services Costa Blanca
Contact us today for architectural services in Costa Blanca.

Architectural Services

We can introduce you to specialist architects, a specialist to help realize your dream property in Spain. One of the global concepts of architecture, is to consider good functioning is as important as aesthetics, this is shown with the unique presentation all our projects, from the smallest to the largest, interior design, or decoration, the application of different materials , lighting for one assist to create personalized spaces, with their own character. Likewise, we can also offer advice on decoration and interior design of spaces, whether in residential, commercial, or administrative use … the work process focuses on a close collaboration with the client, showing materials, applications, and visualizing the proposals in 3D : using virtual reality glasses, 3D printing models, renderings, virtual tours or 360º visions.
We know you will be pleasantly surprised with a free no obligation quotation contact us here.
  • Home extension.
  • Remodeling (Big or Small Works).
  • Swimming Pools.
  • Demolitions
  • Restoration.
  • Health and security
  • Quality control.
  • Reinforcement and consolidation structures.
  • Material realisation management.
Business Projects

  • Stores, offices, etc.
  • Coffee shop, restaurant, etc.
  • Public show, Pub, disco, etc.
  • Industrial Auto repair shop, etc
  • Sport activity Tennis club, bowling etc
( All are required when selling and buying a property in Spain)
  • EPC Energy Certificates & Habitation Certificates
  • Certificate of Antiquity
  • Habitation Certificates / Occupancy Certificates

We can also manage and assist you with Architectural Reports for court evidence.
Expert Architectural Reports for Tribunal hearings.
Architectural Reports for Insurance claims.

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