Alicante Townhall Alicante city the Iberian origin is one of the main tourist destinations in Spain, the fourth Spanish province with the highest total Gross Domestic Product GDP after Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.

Its economy is manifested by having one of the most important tourist offers in Spain. Its great leisure offer, its beaches of fine golden sand and its excellent climate make it an ideal and privileged place.

Cosmopolitan and traditional, it has a rich artistic and cultural heritage. Stroll through its historic center to know its medieval and Muslim history, see the magnificent fortress of the Castle of Santa Barbará or make a trip to the Island of Tabarca haunt of millions of marine species an authentic natural monument.

The cuisine is typically Mediterranean Paella One of the biggest tourist attractions in Spain, there are more than 300 rice varieties.

Culture in Alicante.

Alicante is a city with a really rich and diverse culture because going back to the past you can see that both Spaniards, Europeans and Muslims gave shape to the city leaving trace of its influence because it is possible to find in our walk through Alicante Muslim style constructions as well Other vestiges of its culture that include artistic techniques and some traditions.

Taking advantage of this situation is the city offers cultural activities ranging from the traditional to the modern and international style offering in its plazas, auditoriums, halls, theaters, museums a lot of activities that make you feel how important culture is.

Tourism in Alicante.

Alicante has a very diverse tourist offer as it offers from activities and cultural tours to those based on beach, sand and nature so you can choose any type of adventure.

One of the main routes includes touring the most iconic buildings and monuments of the city, being able to visit the town hall, the cathedral, convents and churches as well as temples or you can tour the mansions, markets and palaces or you will be captivated by the Imposing of the two castles of Alicante, the castle of San Fernando and the castle of Santa Barbara.

Another outstanding route in Alicante is the one that comprises its coast because you can find beaches of great quality, ranging from the most relaxed and calm to those who have parties day and night, so you can tour its beaches certified blue flag, Decoration that is only achieved with quality and cleanliness as well as availability of services as you will find hotels for any taste, from the most basic to the complete resorts as well as restaurants offering local, national and foreign flavors.

If you want to live the Mediterranean lifestyle completely, it is recommended not to miss the island of Tabarca, an old refuge of pirates, town and fortified city with specialty in fishing and gastronomy derived from the sea.

Work and education in Alicante.

In Alicante you will find that over time the governments have sought to make an investment in the generation of opportunities by making the educational quality in Alicante rise in the level as well as stimulating national and foreign companies to seek to invest in the city and town hall, generating more Opportunities in addition to that has been sought to encourage entrepreneurship which allows a more complete development of the city.

Alicante is a specialist in captivating from all senses, so if you want to be enamored by the palate or enchanted Alicante is the right place.