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Sell your Spanish property quickly

How long does it take to sell my Spanish property? Yes it is true you can sell your house in 24hrs in Spain, but let us get serious. Have you done everything correct, have you agreed the correct price? All within 24hrs? The…Read more

One Stop Property Services Playa Flamenca Orihuela Office

We pride ourselves in working with new clients and old. We have been established here on the Costa Blanca way before the year 1999. We do more than your usual Estate Agency here in Spain. With years of experience, fluent in Spanish and…Read more

Properties for sale Costa Blanca

What are the prices in the areas we sell property? A very common question we are asked, so we try to give you a quick idea, where and how much properties sell for. South of Alicante, the lively resort of Torrevieja has a high proportion…Read more

Reasons to choose The Costa Blanca Spain

Cheaper Way of Life Not only is property cheaper in Spain, but the cost of living in Spain is too. According to consumer price website, Spain is 19.9 per cent cheaper than the UK in terms of consumer prices; eating out and…Read more

Comercial Centre Horizonte Citrus Playa Flamenca Orihuela Costa

Welcome to our NEW website - Please feel free to comment or ask for specific items to be listed or links added Located less than a 10 minute walk to the beach. Yes we are very lucky and you are more than welcome to join us. Like many of…Read more

Lending credit scores

What makes up your credit score? What can impact on your credit score? All Banks and lenders from around the world now insist on this answer and above. Financial organisations, lenders and utility companies usually use credit scores to determine if…Read more